About Bailrigg

(For music submissions please email music@bailriggfm.co.uk; for press releases and news stories email news@bailriggfm.co.uk)

We are Bailrigg FM, Lancaster University’s student radio station! We’re one of the oldest student radio stations in the UK and also one of the first student stations to broadcast on an FM frequency; alongside SCAN, La1TV and Take2, Bailrigg FM is one of the Students Union’s four student media societies.

But this isn’t your standard online-only student station: Bailrigg members broadcast dozens of hours of live OFCOM-regulated content each week at 87.7 FM, as well as producing podcasts and live events. We have a dedicated building, with two professional studios and an office & lounge space for members to plan shows and relax in.

And most members aren’t just wannabe journalists (in fact, very few of us are). We’re mathematicians, business students, computer scientists, historians and accountants. We do classic music-and-chat shows, but we also broadcast politics debates, book reviews, long-form interviews and study-guide shows. We have engineering, news and marketing teams that work behind the scenes, gaining experience and keeping Bailrigg running. Music is just the tip of the iceberg here.

Former members often go on to incredible careers – not just in radio. Alumni can be found anywhere from think tanks to engineering firms, and all credit how important Bailrigg was for their careers. Uni radio is an experience that will last with you for years.

So get in touch and join in! We’re (normally) based on Lancaster University campus, behind Pizzetta Republic and near Fylde/Furness accommodation. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to keep updated, or email Theo at station.manager@bailriggfm.co.uk for more info. We’re still broadcasting and uploading over summer, so we’ll see you soon!

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