Finn Bracegirdle / Engineering Manager

Finn Bracegirdle shows

Choose Life

Choose your future. Choose life.

Finn is our very loveable, red-headed Head Engineer. He’s a third year Computer Science student and it’s said he’s occasionally seen stroking the servers in the back of Bailrigg, and is known to be hopelessly in love with the audio equipment. He manages to keep the station running smoothly somehow, and is known as ‘tech support’ to anyone who’s having issues. His favourite artists are currently Purple Disco Machine, Dua Lipa, and Ariana Grande.

Likes: Aimlessly scrolling Reddit,  Choose Life (available to stream now on Mixcloud), Eurovision

Dislikes: Filling out forms, Mushrooms, the BBC’s approach to Eurovision.

Favourite Song: Purple Disco Machine’s – Hypnotized
“I’m vibing with it rn”

Current track