Theo Hunt / Station Manager

Theo Hunt shows


Big issues, lots of opinions.

Going into his second year of Politics and International Relations, Theo enjoys the wonderful job that is the Station Manager of Bailrigg FM – as long as he can listen to some Linkin Park while he’s doing it. As well as making the station a friendly environment, Theo loves Bailrigg because there’s so many different things to do; and he really enjoys helping people around the station. Let him know if you need anything – it’s his job, after all.

“There’s so much to do at Bailrigg. Chat shows, music talk, politics debates, book clubs, podcasts, live events. Bailrigg is everyone’s favourite things spun into a wonderful mixture. You don’t get that anywhere else.”

Like: Helping people, constructive discussion, going to bed before 11

Dislikes: Arguments, sweetcorn, going to bed after 11

Favourite Song:  Good Goodbye – Linkin Park

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