Thomas Lingard / Station Manager

Thomas Lingard shows

Thom is a second year student studying English Literature and Creative Writing, interested in everything story-telling and creative. Even if that doesn’t quite line up with a managerial role, his love for narrative cohesion translates to a need for clarity across the board within Bailrigg.

Moving from Senior Producer to Station Manager in the space of three months, he is passionate about everyone having their voice and opportunity, especially those that want to experiment or try something new with the medium that he loves to work with and support. He’s seen the fresher’s POV first hand and knows how daunting it can be, so don’t hesitate to start up a conversation if you need someone to talk to.

Talk to him if you need anything, really, seeing as that’s his job.

Like: Food, Good Music, Videogames

Dislikes: Arguments, Bad Music, Beer

Favourite Song: Albert and the Hurricane – OWEL
“Instrumentals, baby.”

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