Tom Grayston / Engineering Manager

Tom Grayston shows

Afternoon T

The show where all the songs and artists begin with "T"

Tom is the person who tries to fix things when they go wrong with, mixed success. He’s is a third year Computer Science student, who joined Bailrigg at the start of his 2nd year as the one-man-team behind the show Afternoon T. He believes his radio career probably peaked when German DJ ‘Mousse T’ (who made Sex Bomb with Tom Jones about 15 years ago) liked a few of his social media posts as well as putting him on his Instagram story – a high goal to surpass. Tom has certainly been doing so lately, as Bailrigg’s Engineering Manager, he keeps the station running smoothly.

Likes: Living, Laughing and Loving.

Dislikes: Lists, the status quo, his inability to give proper answers.

Favourite Song: Get Lucky – Daft Punk
“It’s the sound of the summer, check it out if you get the chance.”

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